Mr. James J. Mah
Professional Summary:
Mr. Mah has over 20 years experience in the design, development, and
implementation of large-scale communications systems, with an emphasis on
systems and network integration in the areas of LAN/WAN communications,
security and management. Mr. Mah also has extensive consulting experience with
Government and commercial clients in strategic planning, management and
implementation of IT enabling technologies such as E-commerce, Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI), and Call Center CTI Integration.

Marketing and Management Skills:

Managed RFP/RFI efforts in both commercial and federal market as a prime
bidder. Negotiated large business and consulting contracts for multi-million dollars
projects. Prepared business case and white paper for market research. Performed
product/services specifications and vendor selection for Corporations.

Data Networking and Telecommunications Skills:

Developed corporate LAN/WAN integration strategy in deploying UNIX-based
client/server, SMDS/Frame Relay, BRI & PRI ISDN, and ATM/SONET technologies.
Implemented GOSIP and Internet protocols such as X.400/X500 & SMTP mail and
SNMP Network Management. Designed hybrid network integration of X.25, SNA,
DECnet, TCP/IP, DNS, FDDI, and CLNP/CLNS for commercial and federal clients.
Designed Windows NT and Novell 3.X/4.X LAN NOS. Hands-on in wireless
LAN/WAN technology, multimedia, imaging, video conferencing, GPS/GIS, CTI/Call
Center Processing, Cisco (2500, 4000, 5200/5300, 7000), 3Com, BayNetwork,
Fore Systems, Ascend, Cabletron, AT&T and Fujitsu (SONET)Muxes.

Systems Engineering, Network Management and Integration Skills:

Designed large–scale (thousands of end–users) distributed computing
environment with X–terminal,  SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, PCs, imaging, office
automation software, Oracle RDBMS (6/7.x), Security Dynamic hand–held
authenticator, intrusion detection/audit test tools (NMAP, SNORT, SHADOW), and
Checkpoint/Raptor/PIX firewalls for Federal clients. Conducted feasibility study for
enterprise network management (HP OpenView, Tivoli, CiscoWork, SunNet
Manager, NG Sniffer). Prepared network/systems management functional specs to
the vendor community. Entrust PKI /X.500/timestamp/Biometric/Notel VPN for digital
signature/certificate authentication. Upgrade DNS/BIND 4.x to secured DNS 8.x for

M.B.A.       Management/Finance, Candidate. The University of Baltimore, MD  
M.S.           Computer Science, Candidate. The Johns Hopkins University, MD
M.S.           Chemical Engineering/Business. The University of Texas, Austin Texas
Thesis: Interactive Computer Programming for Parameters Estimation in Complex Mathematical Models
M.S.           Chemistry/Mechanical Engineering. The University of Texas, Texas
Thesis: Thermodynamic Studies of Alpha-Cyclodextrin-Biphynyl Complex.
B.S.           Chemistry/Math.  The National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Certified with CISSP, NSA Security Assessment Methodology

       Bell Atlantic Federal Systems President Award, 1994, Winner Circle Award, 1995
Integrated Network Engineering, Inc.